Which are the different types of toner cartridges?

Originals – are toner cartridges that are made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the respective printer or copier.

Compatibles – are toner cartridges that are produced by a third party companies and are consisted exclusively of compatible parts. They may vary slightly in look and design to their genuine counterparts due to certain patents that restrict the exact copying of designs.  Compatible toners are manufactured from scratch, they are not used toner cartridges that have been refilled or remanufactured.

Remanufactured – are toner cartridges that have been used, returned, cleaned and refilled. Any worn or defective parts are replaced and the toner cartridge is cleaned and then it is refilled with toner.

Refilled – are toner cartrdiges that have been used, returned and refilled. Any worn or defective parts are not replaced, fact that might affect the printing quality. The results of no cleaning process & possibly low quality toner powder on refill toner are leaking issue & low page yield. That’s the reason which we do not include refilled toners in our product range.

Which are the advantages of compatible toners from Jambacopy?

  • Excellent quality compatible toners with high print performance.
  • The big price difference is one factor we can’t overlook – most from 40% up to 80% cheaper than originals.
  • Reduction of printing cost compared to original supplies.
  • They have all the international ISO certifications to ensure proper operation and environmental friendliness.
  • They do not cause any abnormal damage to the printer/photocopier, as long as the machine operates according to the manufacturer’s specifications regarding its use and maintenance.

Which is the page yieldcapacity of compatible toners?

The compatible toners cartridges you supply from Jambacopy have no chance of printing less pages than original toner.  They are all manufactured to industry standards and have gone through rigorous quality and electronic control procedures prior to packaging. They have the same page yield and in many cases much higher than originals. The page yield of each toner is indicated on the page of each product of Jambacopy online store.

What is drum chip?

The Drum Reset Chip can be used if your printer/copier is asking for a drum or imaging unit to be replaced.
You can avoid the huge expense of replacing the drum unit by installing a new chip, which will reset the counter to zero.
That means that Drum Reset Chip will give to your unit one more cycle of life.

Does the drum chip fix quality problems?

The chip will not help improve image quality and should only be used to reset the counter on a working and in good condition drum unit.
Chips do not fix quality problems or service error codes.